We know what to buy and how to blend, roast and
grind for the best coffee cup for every market.

For almost 70 Years

We have developed longstanding relationships with coffee bean producers a south America highlands “Los Andes” and with coffee traders, as we are large-scale buyers and exporters of green coffee. Thanks to this coffee market knowhow, we make sure every year we select the best beans to prepare our premium family formulas. We choose the best for our Italian, Cuban espresso and premium drip blends.

The Blending Coffee Culture

The Blending knowhow is based on understanding the different kinds of coffee beans (Arabica and Robusta), different varieties, processed “Washed” and “Natural”, their qualities on: flavor, body, aroma, color and “crema.” We have decades of experience trying combinations and developing formulas because “The sum is much better than the parts” as every coffee variety/Origin/process contributes with its properties and some attenuate other’s defects for a masterly resulting blend.

The Precise Flavor

Every coffee consumption style expects a unique combination of flavor, body, aroma, color and ¨crema¨, for Italian Espresso, Capuccinos and Lattes, for Cuban Colada, cortados and Café con leches and for great Drip coffee American style.
The hallmark of every blend is obtained by mixing up to 12 varieties of Arabica and Robusta beans from 9 countries. All the specific benefits and organoleptic properties of these different elements are enhanced by the proper roasting level to produce perfectly balanced coffees with unique personalities.