Who we are?

The coffee business is a legacy for the Mazzucco family. For three generations starting in 1951 we have selected, blended, roasted and sold our coffee brands in Italy and South America. AllCoffee is the expansion of our San Antonio Coffee Group in the USA, since 2007. Our team of multicultural directors accumulates more than 140 years of complementary experience in the three main coffee drinking styles: Italian Espresso, Latin Espresso and premium American drip coffee. That’s why we can produce the best coffee for our brands: Mazzucco Italian Espresso, Café Real Espresso Cubano and Mazzucco Coffee.

Why Us?

“The best coffee cup for every market”

San Antonio Coffee Group and our US branch AllCoffee have been pioneers in promoting the espresso culture to new markets. Our founder did it in Venezuela since 1951 where him and other Italian immigrants made the Espresso a mandatory standard for any restaurant, bar or Cafeteria and took the same highest espresso quality to the supermarkets with our premium drip coffees. We have done it also in Miami, where after 12 years our brand Café Real is recognized as the highest quality in the market and we are for years now the preferred supplier of the best and most iconic Cuban Espresso restaurant chains.

Combining our knowhow and experience with Mazzucco Italian Espresso, Mazzucco premium drip coffee and Café Real Espresso Cubano we say that we are three factories in one, as we have the products to delight customers in the three main coffee markets. This combined portfolio makes our company somewhat unique, what opened the door for us to also distribute our products through Cheney Brothers, US Foods, Gordon Foods and Sysco, as they are able to serve all kind of customers: Italian and International white cloth restaurants with Mazzucco and Latin and Cuban Restaurants with Café Real.